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i’m gonna spawn an entire day because it makes me laugh

"dreaming of training. dreaming of food. dreaming of bulma. dreaming of naked bulma. dreaming of naked bulma covered in food with great music of training montage. waking up nEXT TO NAKED BULMA AW YISS. morning kiss. train train train train train TIEM FOR FOOD YAY THIS IS SO GOOD I LOVE MISS BRIEFS IM GONNA KILL HER LAST. no bra use your fucking cutlery not your hands where did you even got that from. no don’t use your smile that won’t work on m-oh ok you can have your 12 ponies or whatever. train train train train train HOURLY FAMILY’S KIS CHECK EVERYTHING’S IN ORDER OK BACK TO train train train train train. no trunks you can’t have that new video game console. what do you mean you beat up goten without breaking a sweat the other day. how much was that video game console again. train train train train train train train tri love my family. i love bra. i love trunks. i love bulma. how much did i train. i think i trained enough. where are these assholes im sure they managed to get in trouble without me. let’s go bother bulma at her lab. watching bulma work. imagining bulma naked. imagining bulma naked and being smithen with you. imagining bulma naked covered in food with training montage. be confused by own sexuality. get a kiss and a butt pinching from bulma. not confused by own sexuality anymore.”

"let’s go bother trunks. trunks is busy trying to get into someone’s pants. sudden intense relief that the someone isn’t goten. sudden intense worry that the someone isn’t goten what ???1? back to confusion. ask trunks if he got into a fight with his other half. trunks gets slapped. laughs very hard. faints because laughed too hard. wakes up to bra doodling on my face. i should probably yell at bra. bra smiles. bra is so pretty. bra looks a lot like bulma. i love bulma. i won’t yell at bra today. TIEM FOR DINNER LET’S DROP THE TEA PARTY BRA. I still love miss briefs. i should make preparations for honorable saiyan funeral for miss briefs. trunks looks sad. attempts to find out what’s wrong without laughing too much at his still red cheek. order him to make a phone call to kakarrot’s household and inform goten that he is to spend the week end here training with us under my demands. grateful loving look from trunks. feeling warm. bow chika bow wow look from bulma. feeling warmer. confused look from bra who’s falling asleep in her mashed potatoes. feeling splashed by potatoes.”

"carry sleepy bra to her room while she kicks me in the head how is she even doing that. tucks bra in. hums old saiyan song about genocide for her. watch bra sleep for a minute. bra looks so pretty. bra also snores like a chainsaw. bra is a lot like her mother. come say goodnight to trunks. intensively hopes he’s not masturbating again in there. he’s not. trunks has been crying. intensively wishes he’d been masturbating instead. here we go for the awkward paternal pat on the back. oh nO DON’T YOU DARE and here we go for the awkward paternal hug. fuck me. i hate this. his hair is in my face. when did he get so tall ? why is he growing so fast ? is that stubble on his cheek ? feeling weird. remember 8 years old trunks. remember him calling me papa. hold trunks tighter and remember to find the dragon balls and wish for him to stop growing and stay with us forever. go watch bra for another minute to make sure she didn’t put fire to her bedroom again. finally go to own bedroom.”

"bulma’s showering. imagining bulma naked. imagining bulma naked right in the other room. hesitates to kick down bathroom’s door and not imagine anymore. bulma is out. bulma’s totally naked. come ither look from bulma. fuck yeah. holding bulma tight. bulma feels so good. bulma smells so good.  bulma loves me. bulma is everything. bulma bulma bulma bulma bulma bulma. trunks yelling at us to be quiet. remember to blast trunks’ new video game console tomorrow. goodnight kiss. goodnight butt pinching. fuck yeah.”

"dreaming of food. dreaming of training. dreaming of frieza. dreaming of dying. dreaming of family’s dying. waking up in the middle of the night. listening to bulma sleep next to me. hourly family’s kis check. everything’s ok. still gets up to go check everyone’s room. still tour the house just to make sure. still make a planet’s kis sweep just to be completely sure. go back to bed. look at bulma’s face. see wrinkles that weren’t there before. remember to wish for bulma to stay forever as well. remember to wish for bra. remember to wish for trunks. remember holding trunks. remember tucking bra in. remember bulma’s…everything. feeling better. dreaming.”

This is quite possibly the best thing I have ever read!

this made me laugh and made me so happy. and sad as well. i’m not sure why. it’s probably because this is so fucking cute, holy shit. 

  My music teacher, when I said I couldn’t play because my recorder was broken. It was literally in two pieces. (via pandyssian)

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